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Unit: Hand and power tools

Supporting: LMFFM2001A: Use furniture making sector hand and power tools


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Practical Demonstrations

Your trainer may ask you to keep a log book or diary of the work you do on-the-job that relates to the practical components of this unit. This will help them to determine when you've had sufficient hands-on practice in these tasks to undertake the assessment events.

When you're ready to be assessed, your assessor will ask you to complete a range of practical demonstrations. You will be assessed on your ability to:

  • use a range of hand-held tools safely and competently

  • carry out operator maintenance procedures on the tools you use

  • follow all work, health and safety requirements and environmental care procedures

  • grind and sharpen chisels, hand plane irons and drill bits

  • correctly interpret company documents and work instructions

  • minimise waste

  • communicate and work effectively with other workers in the area

  • prevent damage to goods, equipment and products

  • work productively and produce a high quality job

  • modify the activities and techniques used to suit different sites and working conditions.

Make sure you talk to your trainer or supervisor about any of the details you don't understand, or aren't ready to demonstrate, before the assessment events are organised. This will give you time to get the hang of the tasks you'll need to perform, so that you'll feel more confident when the time comes to be assessed.