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Unit: Working sustainably

Supporting: MSAENV272B Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Supporting resources

Supporting resources

Print-based Learner Guide and Workbook

The links below will take you to the print-based Learner Guide and Work book for this unit. All of the information shown in the Learner Guide is the same as in the website version, with the exception of the interactive Just for fun exercises and some photos and graphics. The assignments in the Work Book are the same as those linked to the Assignment pages in the website.

   PDF (2,079 KB) Learner guide: 'Working sustainably'

   PDF (261 KB) Work book: Assignments

   Word (9,936 KB) Learner guide: 'Working sustainably'

   Word (261 KB) Work book: Assignments

Other publications

Although this unit has been developed as part of the kitchen and bathroom cabinetmaking project, it has general relevance to a wide range of qualifications in the manufacturing industries.

For more specific coverage of sustainability issues relating to kitchens and bathrooms, select the links shown below. These publications provide guidelines on the using sustainable materials, identifying environmentally unfriendly materials, designing cabinets for sustainability, reducing energy consumption and waste, and offering customers a 'green' choice.

   PDF (670 KB) Sustainability in the manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom cabinets

Mark McDonald (published by the International Specialised Skills Institute)

   PDF (1,181 KB) Sustainability in kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturing

Mark McDonald (a student learner guide version of the above publication, adapted for the Gordon Institute of TAFE).