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Unit: Work documents

Supporting: LMFGN3001B: Read and interpret work documents

Section 1: Working drawings

Installation plans

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As we've seen, the building plans for a project are designed to provide the trades and services with general information relating to the design, structure and dimensions of the building.

But they don't provide sufficient details for specialist installers to carry out their own work on the project.

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The sorts of tradespeople that need detailed installation plans include electricians, plumbers, tilers and kitchen and bathroom cabinetmakers.

Installation plans provide information on the positioning of services and items to be installed, as well as the client's selection of particular products.

The kitchen floor plan and elevation shown in the learning activity for the lesson 'Architectural conventions' are typical of the sorts of drawings you'll see in an installation plan.

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Learning activity

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On-site installers are generally given various supporting documents along with the installation plans for a project before they go out to the jobsite.

These may include a list of fixtures and fittings and a final inspection checklist.

What project documentation does your company give to the on-site installers? Make up a list. Try to use the correct title for each document you name.

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