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Unit: Adjusting cabinets on-site

Supporting: LMFKB3004A Conduct on-site adjustments to cabinets

Section 1: Making adjustments

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Some jobsites have problems with walls and floors that aren't square or level, or have localised deviations in their surfaces.

Although some of these issues can be dealt with when the cabinets are manufactured in the workshop, other problems are best handled on-site where components can be shaped to achieve an exact fit.

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The hardware systems used in the construction of cabinets also have a bearing on the adjustments that may need to be made on-site.

There are various patented systems on the market for drawer slides and other moving parts which often have specialised methods for fitting and adjusting.

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In this section, we'll talk about the typical adjustments that need to be made on-site by installers.

Although we won't go into detail about specific adjustment techniques used with patented hardware systems, there will be the opportunity in the assignment for you to research and report on particular products used by your company.

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Completing this section

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The assignment for this section is designed to test your knowledge of the adjustment techniques used on-site and some common issues that installers are faced with. Have a look at the assignment now to see what you'll need to do to complete it.

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These lessons will provide you with background information relevant to the unit of competency.

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